For personnel external to OHSU, the REDCap Team will first need to create a REDCap account before you can add the external personnel to your REDCap project.


  • Annual charge of $100 per 10 users created and/or renewed.
  • Billing information is required at the time of request, however OCTRI only bills the annual charge once a year for external users.
  • There are no charges for accounts for Portland VA collaborators or collaborators from other OCTRI partners listed on the request form below.

Billing Info: Alias and FAID numbers, as well as the FAID owner's name are required for billing purposes.

Account Expirations:

  • External accounts are valid for a fiscal year, expiring annually every August 31st. Portland VA accounts are the exception and will not be set to expire.

  • For any external users needing continued access, their accounts will need to be renewed every fiscal year, via the the User Sponsor Dashboard.

  • Renewal requests will be processed annually between July 1st and August 31st.

Account Sponsors:

  • The person completing this form, the requestor, is designated as the external user's sponsor, unless another REDCap user is requested to be the sponsor.

  • OHSU and Portland VA personnel are eligible to be sponsors.

  • All Sponsor users will have access to the a Sponsor User Dashboard, where they can request the REDCap Team's help to do things, like renew an account.
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