Thank you for your interest in our Sleep & Heart study (

We are looking for volunteers for a study on how behaviors (such as exercise and changes in posture) and the body’s internal clock (called the circadian rhythm) affect the control of the heart and blood pressure.

Eligible participants will be:

  • 40 and 80 years old
  • BMI less than 40
  • No current or previous history of pharmacological hypertension treatment.
  • Suspected of or diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Initial screening involves 2-3 hospital visits followed by establishing a 1-3 week home sleep and activity routine. If successfully completed, this will be followed by a 5 day in-lab stay.

Compensation up to $1,800 will be provided.

Please visit the Shea Lab webpage ( or OHSU Study opportunities ( for additional research participation opportunities.

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