Welcome to the War on Melanoma Community Registry, a confidential, community registry for melanoma patients, family members and friends.

Registration is free and will permit us to notify you of melanoma and skin cancer education events, melanoma and skin cancer community activities, and research opportunities. Your participation will help enhance the care of melanoma and skin cancer patients.

Oregon Health & Science University

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Information Sheet

TITLE: War on Melanoma: Enlisting a cohort of melanoma survivors and their families


Sancy Leachman, MD, PhD (503) 494-8533


Tracy Petrie, PhD (503) 494-8410


Ravi Samatham na
Elizabeth Stoos (503) 418-9356

FUNDED BY: This protocol is currently unfunded.

Generally, a research repository collects, stores and distributes data for use in future
research projects. Storing and gathering numerous data together can help to conduct
future research and avoid re-collecting it over and over again. With this stored information and samples, researchers may understand better how the human body works, develop new tests to find diseases, find new ways to treat diseases, or develop new products, such as drugs. When researchers collect and store data together and use them for different kinds of research in the future, or share them with other scientists, this is called a research repository.

IRB#: 10561

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