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Due to several factors, support for non-research REDCap projects is currently limited to: 1) processing system requests, 2) self-directed help and learning resources in the REDCap wiki, and 3) Basics and Survey training sessions. Please review the details below.

Funding for REDCap is currently only for research activities, which is also REDCap’s intended use – data collection for research studies. Although We are in the process of revising our model of support to work with both research and non-research projects in a more sustainable and beneficial way. However, at this time we are understaffed for the volume of project requests at OHSU.  and Given our mission and funding, we must prioritize providing support for research activities. Additionally, please note: we do expect the new model of support to include fees for non-research projects. We will share more details about the new model of support in upcoming months.

Training is still required for personnel building and managing non-research projects, but limited support means we are unable to provide help for non-research projects over email or at our drop-in sessions. At the present time, for non-research projects, we will be processing requests: 1) requests for new projects, 2) requests to move projects to production, and 3) system requests to approve form modifications that require a REDCap Admin’s review. We will conduct abbreviated pre-production review of survey projects over email.

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