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New Features

  • Repeating Automated Survey Invitations (ASI)

    • Set an ASI to send any repeating survey on a recurring basis.
    • Repeating ASI's can be configured on a repeating survey instrument, or on a survey that's part of a repeating event.
    • The repeating ASI setting is configured in the ASI setup window in a new section titled "How many times to send it?"
      • Set the survey invitation to repeat at a regular interval, either indefinitely or for a specific number of times.
    • NOTE: The survey must be a repeating survey in order for the "How many times to send it?" option to show up on the ASI setup window.
  • New smart variable 

    • [new-instance]
      • Using the [new-instance] smart variable creates a URL pointing to the next in a series of repeating surveys.
      • [form-link/url][new-instance] creates the next in a series of repeating forms.
      • [survey-link/url][new-instance] creates the next in a series of repeating forms.
      • [survey-link:instrument][new-instance] could be used in a recurring Alert to allow a participant to easily enter data in a repeating survey.

Changes & Improvements

  • Automated Survey Invitations (ASI)

    • The selection to make an ASI Active or Not Active is now located at the top right of the ASI window, rather than the bottom right.
    • A new option in "When to send invitations AFTER conditions are met" is available in the dropdown called "the same day (beginning at midnight) that the automated invitation was triggered."
      • It allows more control over when the invitation will go out using midnight of the day the ASI is scheduled as the baseline.
      • Simply add time to midnight of the day the ASI is scheduled to specify when the invitation is sent.
  • Action Tags

    • The red "Action Tags" button was added inside the Logic Editor window to make it easier to reference the Action Tags documentation while writing logic for Automated Survey Invitations, Survey Queue, etc.
  • Participant List

    • A Survey Response Status of "Anonymous" or "Not Anonymous" has been added to the Participant List screen to provide a visual queue of how data is being collected due to the way the project has been set up. There is additional documentation available on the screen to help give context and guidance.
  • Instrument .zip Importing

    • Stop Action settings and Video Display Format settings (in Descriptive Text fields with videos) are now included when downloading and importing an instrument .zip from one project to another.