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  • Click on an image to capture data in a checkbox or radio button.
  • 3 clickable images are available:
    • smile scale
    • Female body pain map
    • Male body pain map


(blue star) View clickable image demo 


Installation & Configuration 

  • External module
  • Enabled for all REDCap projects.
  • Review the instructions below.
  • Come to drop-in for additional help or with questions.

Smile Scale

  • Create a checkbox field with the field label and variable name of your choice.
  • Create seven options, 1-7, where the raw value = label
  • Add the action tag: @IMAGEMAP=SMILE_SCALE

Female or Male Body Pain Map

  • Create a checkbox field with the field label and variable name of your choice.
  • Create the following 74 options
    f01, Cranium (front-right)
    f02, Cranium (front-left)
    f03, Face (front-right)
    f04, Face (front-left)
    f05, Neck (front-right)
    f06, Neck (front-left)
    f07, Shoulder (front-right)
    f08, Chest (front-right)
    f09, Chest (front-left)
    f10, Shoulder (front-left)
    f11, Bicep (front-right)
    f12, Bicep (front-left)
    f13, Elbow (front-right)
    f14, Elbow (front-left)
    f15, Forearm (front-right)
    f16, Abdomen (front-right)
    f17, Abdomen (front-left)
    f18, Forearm (front-left)
    f19, Wrist (front-right)
    f20, Hip (front-right)
    f21, Pubic (front-right)
    f22, Pubic (front-left)
    f23, Hip (front-left)
    f24, Wrist (front-left)
    f25, Hand (palm-right)
    f26, Upper Leg (front-right)
    f27, Upper Leg (front-left)
    f28, Hand (palm-left)
    f29, Knee (front-right)
    f30, Knee (front-left)
    f31, Lower Leg (front-right)
    f32, Lower Leg (front-left)
    f33, Ankle (front-right)
    f34, Ankle (front-left)
    f35, Foot (top-right)
    f36, Foot (top-left)
    b01, Cranium (back-left)
    b02, Cranium (back-right)
    b03, Head (back-left)
    b04, Head (back-right)
    b05, Neck (back-left)
    b06, Neck (back-right)
    b07, Shoulder (back-left)
    b08, Upper Back (back-left)
    b09, Upper Back (back-right)
    b10, Shoulder (back-right)
    b11, Bicep (back-left)
    b12, Middle Back (back-left)
    b13, Middle Back (back-right)
    b14, Bicep (back-right)
    b15, Elbow (back-left)
    b16, Elbow (back-right)
    b17, Forearm (back-left)
    b18, Lower Back (back-left)
    b19, Lower Back (back-right)
    b20, Forearm (back-right)
    b21, Wrist (back-left)
    b22, Hip (back-left)
    b23, Buttocks (back-left)
    b24, Buttocks (back-right)
    b25, Hip (back-right)
    b26, Wrist (back-right)
    b27, Hand (top-left)
    b28, Upper Leg (back-left)
    b29, Upper Leg (back-right)
    b30, Hand (top-right)
    b31, Knee (back-left)
    b32, Knee (back-right)
    b33, Lower Leg (back-left)
    b34, Lower Leg (back-right)
    b35, Ankle (back-left)
    b36, Ankle (back-right)
    b37, Foot (bottom-left)
    b38, Foot (bottom-right)
  • Add one of the following action tags:
    • Female body
    • Male body