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Users create projects to collect data.

There are two ways to create a project:

  1. Users request a new project, which is the most common method.
  2. Users can also copy an existing project to create a new project.

Operations & Requirements

  • Completing Basics training is required for personnel requesting projects.
  • All requests to create projects are reviewed by OCTRI and approved by the REDCap Team.
  • Additional documentation is required for reviewing requests via completing OCTRI's Resource Request form.
  • The personnel requesting the project is expected to act as the project point person.
  • Research Projects
    • IRB approval is NOT required to request and create a project.
  • Non-Research Projects
    • The REDCap Team will send a request for additional documentation.
    • Documentation requested is dependent on the type of data being collected in the project.

Step-by-Step Synopsis 

  • Complete Basics training.
  • Submit REDCap New Project form.
  • Submit additional documentation as follows.
  • Request reviewed by OCTRI.
  • Approval notification(s) sent to personnel requesting project.

Time Frame for Approving New Project

Although, the REDCap Team is committed to respond to all email requests within two business days of receiving an email notification from the system or a message from a customer, other factors, outlined below, impact the total time it takes for the REDCap Team to approve a request for a new project.

  • Requestor completing the Resource Request form and responding to the Navigator Team regarding any follow-up issues.
  • Requestor responding to the REDCap Team regarding any follow-up issues that need to be addressed to approve the project.

New Project Process

Copy Project Process


Log into REDCap.


Go to the New Project tab.

Navigate to the project you want to make a copy of.


Complete and submit Create a New Project Form.

Go to the Project Setup tab.

  • Go to Other Functionality tab(img C1).
  • Scroll down the page and click on Copy the project button(img C2).
  • Complete and submit Make a Copy of Project form(img C3).
    • Enter a unique Project title.
    • Do no check the box to Also copy all records/responses.

C1: Project Setup > Other functionality tab

C2: Copy project button on Other Functionality Tab

C3: Copy project form


Review the message(img N1) REDCap loads and follow the instructions for one of the following new project use cases

Use Case 1 - New Project for a New Study: Complete OCTRI's Resource Request form(img N2) that is linked to in the message. 


Use Case 2 - Additional Project (for a study already approved to use REDCap): Email to describe the use case for an additional project for a study that already has REDCap projects. Include the IRB number in your email.

N1: Message that loads when New Project form submitted

N2: Resource Request form

Respond to the email notice requesting documentation to approve your request to copy a project.


OCTRI  and the REDCap team reviews the request and follows up with you if there are questions.

  • BASICS TRAINING IS REQUIRED for personnel requesting and building REDCap projects.
  • The study DOES NOT need IRB approval to create a project

Requestor receives an email notification when your request has been approved.

  • OCTRI Navigator sends an email that the request to use REDCap is approved.
  • REDCap and the REDCap Team send emails to the requestor when the request to create a project that was submitted through REDCap is processed and approved.