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Add data and/or static text to a record name (e.g., record ID) displayed with the record in REDCap, such as on data collection instruments, in reports, and  in the drop-down lists when choosing a record and at the top of the page after being selected.

Feature Type

Additional Customization
Find in your project Project Setup tab > Enable optional modules and customizations > Additional customizations (button) > Set a Custom Record Label

User Permissions

User will need Project Design and Setup user rights.


Advanced syntax for variable names.
For longitudinal projects, advanced syntax for unique event names.

Set Up Notes

(plus) Define the label

  • Navigate to Project Setup tab > Enable optional modules and customizations.
  • Click on Additional customizations (button).
  • In the pop up modal, check the box beside Set a Custom Record Label.
  • In the Custom Record Label text input, enter variable name(s), and if needed event name(s).
  • Click the Save button.

(tick) Test the label

  • Navigate to Add/Edit records page via Left hand nav menu > Date Collection section > Add / Edit Records link.
  • Click on the choose an existing record drop-down to confirm the data or text had been added to the label.

Set Up Guidance

Video training: Tips and Tricks - Custom Labels and Secondary Unique ID
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