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Manually import data to add new records, add new data to existing records, or modify data in existing records.

Feature Type

  • Advanced Application
  • Data Import Tool  is included in every project via Your Project > Lefthand Nav Menu > Applications Section > Data Import Tool.

User Permissions

User will need

  • Data Import Tool rights
  • Create Records rights
  • View & Edit Data Viewing Rights on the forms into which they are importing data

REDCap Skills/Knowledge

Understand Core Functionality

  • Record id
  • Longitudinal setup and repeating forms

Data Collection Fields and Key Attributes

Via Codebook or Data Dictionary

  • Variable names
  • Validation rules
  • Raw values
  • Calculated fields
  • Branching logic

Event Set Up for Longitudinal Projects

For unique event names and form assignments

Importing Guidance


  • Practice importing while the project is in development.
    • If your project is in production, request a test copy of your project, without data, to practice importing.
    • Start by importing a small set of data, such as 10 records, and data for fields on a single form.
  • Depending on the size of the import file, divide it into batches, based on the following characteristics or combination of characteristics:
    • Event(s)
    • Form(s)
    • Export source(s)
    • Record sub-sets
      • New records
      • Updates to existing records
    • Data sub-sets
      • New data
      • Updates to existing data

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