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External modules either extend REDCap's current functionality, i.e. add a new feature, or customize and enhance REDCap's native behavior and appearance, i.e. add options to an existing feature.

Some external modules are created by collaborating development teams outside the core REDCap project. OHSU REDCap may include limited add-ons of this nature, based on special request and careful review.


Because they require additional support and training, there are charges for most external modules, as indicated by ($), in the module title.

  • Minimum of $300 set up fee and minimum annual fee of $300.
  • Exact cost estimated per project.

External Module List

Requesting an External Module

Please send an email inquiry to the REDCap Team at Include in your email some details about what you are trying to accomplish by using the external module. We'll schedule an initial meeting to gather information to assess the feasibility and create an estimate.

The estimate will be sent to the project builder and PI. Billing information, as described in the estimate email, will be required for the REDCap Team to move forward with installing the module.

Module Activation

1. Click in the left hand navigation menu of your project, click on External Modules.

2. On the External Modules - Project Module Manager page, click the green button, View available modules.

3. In the Available Modules, pop up window, click Request Activation button, for the module you are requesting.

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