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Through field embedding you can customize the layout of a data collection form or survey by repositioning field elements on the page.


  • Find detailed instructions in the Online Designer in a floating help box, "How to embed a field elsewhere."
  • Create the field(s) that will be embedded.
  • Enclose the variable name of the field to be embedded inside braces/curly brackets, e.g., {date_of_birth}, and insert it in the Field Label, Field Note, Section Header, or Choice Label of another field on that same instrument/form.
  • The most common place to embed a field is in the Field Label of a Descriptive text field, using the rich text editor for formatting.

(blue star) Tips and Tricks - Field Embedding video training

Limitations & Requirements

  • All fields involved in field embedding have to be on the same instrument/form.
  • For a multi-page survey, all fields involved in field embedding have to be on the same page.
  • Field embedding only relocates the field input. The field label is hidden.
  • For embedded fields, the following icons are hidden by default: Data History, Field Comments, and (if enabled) Missing Data Codes. Display the icons by appending ":icons" to the variable name inside the braces/curly brackets - e.g., {last_name:icons}.
  • A field cannot be embedded in itself.
  • A field cannot be embedded in another field that's been embedded.
  • The record id field cannot be embedded.
  • Embedding supports branching logic.

Recommendations & Best Practices

  • Field embedding is an advanced tool. Users should have experience building forms and be familiar with REDCap advanced syntax.
  • Field embedding changes the layout of the fields on the page and the page may look and behave differently in different browsers and on different devices.
  • Additional help, above and beyond what we can provide at drop-in or over email, may be needed to help users with field embedding in their projects. Charges for additional help start at a minimum of $100.

Examples & Demo

(blue star) View field embedding demo