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REDCap at OHSU is largely a supported self-service application. Personnel complete training and then build their projects, learning as they go. Help is integrated into the software, and basic support, which is for assistance with the core functionality that's covered in our Basics and Survey trainings, is provided, at no cost, to builders and persons managing projects through email and regularly scheduled drop-in sessions.

Custom support, for which there are charges, is for additional help for builders and persons managing projects looking to accelerate their learning, to get advice in applying the concepts covered in trainings and in the wiki to the context of their study, or to get hands-on help or advice with complex problem solving and project set up activities.

Help Topics

Limited Support for Non-Research Projects - Effective 8/17/2021

Due to several factors, support for non-research REDCap projects is currently limited to: 1) processing system requests, 2) self-directed help and learning resources in the REDCap wiki, and 3) Basics and Survey training sessions. Please review the details below.

Funding for REDCap is currently only for research activities, which is also REDCap’s intended use – data collection for research studies. We are in the process of revising our model of support to work with both research and non-research projects in a more sustainable and beneficial way. However, at this time we are understaffed for the volume of project requests at OHSU. Given our mission and funding, we must prioritize providing support for research activities. Additionally, please note: we expect the new model of support to include fees for non-research projects. We will share more details about the new model of support in upcoming months.

Training is still required for personnel building and managing non-research projects, but limited support means we are unable to provide help for non-research projects over email or at our drop-in sessions. At the present time, for non-research projects, we will be processing requests: 1) requests for new projects, 2) requests to move projects to production, and 3) system requests to approve form modifications that require a REDCap Admin’s review. We will conduct abbreviated pre-production review of survey projects over email.

Key Components of Our Support Model

Project Point Person

Both basic and custom support is for persons who build and manage projects, i.e. project point persons. Project point persons are the main point of contact for interactions with the REDCap Team and the first point of contact for other users on their project when there are questions about how the project is set up or REDCap operations at OHSU.

If you have questions that are specific to accessing your project, such as how to enter data, how to run reports or export data, or how to add users or change permissions, please first reach out to the point person on your project,.

Every REDCap project is required to have an OHSU point person.* This is the personnel who completed required training(s) and requested the project be created.

The expectations for the point person are as follows:

*For approved OCTRI partner projects, such as Portland VA, the point person can be personnel from the partner organization who has completed training.


One of our goals in providing support for REDCap is to help customers build self-reliance. The following is a list of resources for getting answers to questions about 1) how something works in REDCap, and 2) how REDCap is managed at OHSU.

In REDCap  

Access these resources when you are logged into REDCap.


Explore this online site to learn more.

Basic Support

Basic support is for persons building and managing projects, i.e. project point persons, to get help with the core functionality that's covered in our Basics and Survey trainings. Basic support is provided, at no cost, through email and regularly scheduled drop-in sessions.


We provide email support to process routine requests for new projects, production launches, production changes, etc., to communicate operations and to answer questions.


  • We monitor email during business hours and business days.

  • Our goal is to respond within 2 business days of receipt of your email.

  • Emailing Questions or Asking for Help

    • Include the exact name of your project

    • Include pertinent details

    • Examples in your project to illustrate the issue, such as a record id, form name, report name, etc.

Drop-In Sessions 

We hold 2 weekly online drop-in sessions for project builders and project point persons to get in person help with: 1) problem solving issues that they encounter while building or in managing their REDCap projects, 2) to answer questions about functionality not covered in Basics training, and 3) to provide guidance regarding survey setup and survey distribution, as well as conduct the required  pre-production survey reviews.  

  • Monday's: 2pm to 3pm

  • Thursday's: 11am to 12pm

  • Sign up for drop-in

  • How We Manage Drop-in

    • First come, first served.

    • Pre-production survey reviews prioritized.

    • Time allotted per person depends on the number of attendees.

    • The REDCap Team responds in real time to the project build, identifying issue as they are presented and answering questions that arise. To get the most out of drop-in, we recommend attendees take notes.

  • Who is Drop-in for

    • The project point person who is building or managing a project.

      • Completed Basics training or have core competency with basic functionality.

      • For Survey projects, completed Survey training.

    • Drop-ins are not intended for more than one person from a project to meet with the REDCap Team member for help. Please reach out ahead of time if you are handing off the project point person responsibilities and would like to attend drop-in with another team member, or if the PI or Data steward would like to attend and observe the drop-in session.

  • Drop-in Works Well for Help with Following Kinds of Issues

    • Real time problem solving in users' projects for help with form development, project set up activities, reports, unexpected behaviors, and all things survey.

    • Questions about and instructions for advanced features, such as Data Access Groups, Data Quality Rules, Importing, etc.

  • Help with Survey Projects
    Before attending their first drop-in session, we request survey project builders complete the following activities:

Custom Support

Custom support is for persons building and managing projects, i.e. the project point person, to get additional help to accelerate their learning, to get advice in applying the concepts covered in training and in the wiki to the context of their study, or to get hands-on help or assistance with complex problem solving and project set up activities.

As part of our custom support efforts, we offer a design and build service. The design and build service is a collaborative effort where we work with the study team on the development of their REDCap project. The expectation is the study team will designate an OHSU personnel as the point person for the project to take the lead on building it, and we will add in our expertise for form optimizations, help with design decisions and advanced problem solving, and to provide coaching or additional instruction, as needed, for using peripheral project functionality, like Data Quality Rules or Alerts & Notifications. Personnel who have completed the required REDCap trainings are eligible to be the study team’s point person

There are charges for custom support. The amounts is determined on a case by case basis per project and depends on the level of the support and scope of the work. Reach out to the REDCap Team if you are interested in custom support.

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