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When the project team is ready to collect real data, the project builder/point person requests to move the project to production. 

  • Real data should not be entered in your REDCap project while it is in development. 
  • All test data collected during development will be deleted when the project is moved to production.

Operations & Requirements

All requests to move a project to production are reviewed and approved by the REDCap Team. The review and approval

Regulatory and Institutional Requirements

Minimum Testing Requirements

The goal of testing requirements is to promote testing as an essential building activity. Testing is the only way for the project team to determine if their project is working as expected and if it's set up to meet their data collection requirements. 

  • 5 complete test records:
    • Data entered on all fields on on forms.
    • For longitudinal projects, data entered at more than one event on forms assigned to more than one event.
    • For repeating forms and events, data entered for more than one instance.
    • Guidelines for testing forms & fields.
    • All test data will be deleted when the REDCap project is approved for production, (i.e. REDCap Admin approves the production request)
  • Core functionality testing:
    • Add at least one user and set  their permissions
    • Export data.
    • Review Logging application.
    • Review File Repository applications.
  • Record ID setting:
    • Confirm you have determined and tested the setting for the unique record id, either auto-numbered or the project is creating its own ids .

Additional Requirements

  • Survey Projects:
  • Projects Using the Randomization Module:
    • Verification of consultation with OCTRI'S Biostatistics & Design Program

Production Process

Timing Production Request


Log into REDCap.

  • We recommend submitting your production request 5 business days before seeing your first participant and/or entering real study data.
  • Requests submitted 3 business days or less before the start date for real data collection may not be processed by the start date.
  • Requests submitted 10 business days or more before data collection start date, or projects with an abbreviated development cycle of 10 business days or less, may incur charges if there are a high rate of production changes that require our review, or project setup changes that require our intervention.

Navigate to your project.


Click button to Move to Production.

  • Go to the Project Setup tab. 

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page click on the Move to Production button.
  • On the 1st pop-up window agree to the notice outlining the production process.
  • On the 2nd pop-up window, select the option to delete all data.
    • The data will be deleted once the REDCap Team has approves the production request and moves the project to production.

REDCap Team automatically notified of your production request.

5The REDCap Team sends you an email to gather information required for the production review.

Respond to the email within 5 business days and confirm the following requirements have been met:

  • IRB approval for research projects or other documentation for non-research projects.
  • Minimum of 5 complete test records entered.
  • Testing core functionality for exporting data, user management, the record id, and the logging/audit trail.
  • Survey training, survey testing and pre-production survey review for survey projects.

REDCap Team reviews email response and reviews project.

  • REDCap Team independently confirms IRB approval.

If Review Outcome: Requirements Not Met

  • The REDCap Team will follow up with you if there are any issues that prevent approving your production request.

Request Approved

  • You will receive an email notification when your request to move a project to production has been approved
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