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Training for Project Builders

Training is required for OHSU or eligible Portland VA personnel requesting and building projects. Training is not required and there is not a general orientation to REDCap or training for other users.

  • Basics Training

    • Required for personnel requesting and building REDCap projects.
  • Survey Training Class

    • Required for personnel building projects to send out surveys and collect responses through REDCap.
    • Completing Basics training is pre-requisite.
  • Training is for OHSU and OCTRI partner personnel building projects.

    • Training and support is not provided for other external collaborators to build projects in OHSU's REDCap.

Visit Training & Learning Resources page for more information.

Personnel using REDCap

The following lists an overview the pertinent user requirements for personnel using OHSU's REDCap. Training is not required and there is not a general orientation to REDCap or training for users other than those listed above for the project builder.

  • OHSU Personnel

    • OHSU personnel log into and use REDCap with their OHSU username.
    • The first time OHSU personnel log into REDCap, they will be prompted to set up their profile.
    • OHSU personnel are required to use REDCap with their OHSU email address.
  • External Users

    • Accounts for external collaborators are added REDCap at the request of project/study team
      • The form for requesting these accounts external users is linked to on each project's user rights page.
      • OCTRI partners & external collaborators required to use REDCap with their institutional or organizational email address.
  • Shared accounts cannot be added to REDCap as users.

Training and support is not provided for external collaborators to build projects in OHSU's REDCap.

Visit Managing Users & User Operations page for more information.

Types of Data Collection Allowed

The following types of data collection are supported in OHSU's REDCap.

  • OHSU Research Studies

    • Investigator initiated research studies (that are not FDA regulated (21 CFR Part 11))
    • IRB or IACUC approval not required to create and build a project.
    • IRB or IACUC approval required to moved a project to production.
    • Exempt research projects determined by IRB, NOT the researcher.
  • OHSU Non-Research Projects

    • Non-research projects collecting any patient or patient data required to submit to IRB for a determination of non-research.
    • Non-research projects collecting identifiers/PHI required to submit an additional documentation.
      • Clinical non-research data stored in REDCap cannot be used for medical decision making or appended to the patient's medical record.
  • Is a project research or not research?

    • Submit a request for determination to the IRB.

Project Point Person

Every REDCap project is required to have an OHSU point person.* This is the personnel who completed requireed training and requested the project be created. The expectations for the point person are as follows:

  • Complete Basics training.
  • For projects sending out surveys, complete Survey training.
  • Build the project and/or manage the other team members building the project.
  • Review the final set up and design of the project before moving the project to production.
  • Disseminate REDCap operations and requirements, reviewed in training, with the rest of the project team.

  • Coordinate or carry out user management for the project.
  • Train the project team regarding data entry workflow and data entry activities for the project.
  • Manage change in production.
  • Arrange for a handoff of point person duties, in the event a new point person takes over.
  • Be available to attend drop-ins as needed for in-person help

*For approved OCTRI partner projects, such as Portland VA, the point person can be personnel from the partner organization who has completed training.