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System level user management refers to user operations managed by the REDCap Team for the REDCap application.

OHSU Personnel

OHSU personnel log into and use REDCap with their OHSU username. 

  • The first time OHSU personnel log into REDCap, they will be prompted to set up their profile.
  • OHSU personnel are required to use REDCap with their OHSU email address.
  • When personnel leave OHSU, their REDCap account is suspended. 

External Non-OHSU Users

Typically, accounts for external collaborators are added to REDCap at the request of OHSU project/study team. 

Occasionally, accounts are created for non-OHSU external users from OCTRI partner organizations, such as the Portland VA, at request of the non-OHSU user themselves when they will be building and managing a project in OHSU's REDCap.

Monitoring User Operations

Periodically the REDCap Team will review REDCap user profiles and accounts to ensure compliance with OHSU security directives. Personnel will be notified about any compliance issues and provided with detailed instructions to bring the into compliance.

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