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Training is a key component of the support model that allows us to provide REDCap and help using REDCap at no cost to investigators.

  • Trainings are for personnel building projects in REDCap.
  • Basics training is required for personnel requesting and building projects.
  • There is not a class or training requirement for personnel who will be entering data in projects.

Training conflict: We aren't currently offering a class outside of the regularly scheduled classes listed on the OCTRI website and we do not provide one-on-one training sessions. If you cannot attend class, maybe someone else from your study team can attend class.

Basics Training for Project Builders 

  • Topics Covered
    • REDCap Operations, usage and requirements.
    • The project lifecycle.
    • Review and demo of core functionality to set up and test data collection, data extraction, data entry, user management, and production activities.
  • Who is Training For
    • Required for personnel who request and build projects.
  • Format
    • eLearning course
  • Sign Up and Start Training

Survey Training for Project Builders

  • Topics Covered
    • Survey operations and requirements.
    • Review and demo of survey set up, distribution and response management.
  • Who Training is For
    • Required for personnel who building projects to send out surveys through REDCap.
    • REDCap Basics class is a pre-requisite.
  • When is Training
  • Format
    • All training sessions are held online.
  • Handout
  • Sign up for Training Session

Self-Directed Online Help & Learning

  • Supplements Basics and Survey training and are not a replacement for classes.
    • Refresh for class topics
    • Learn about features not covered in class
    • Problem solve before contacting the Help Desk.
  • Integrated into REDCap
    • FAQ
    • Documentation
    • Videos

Learning about Data Management and Data Collection