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For details about exact costs and/or more information about any of the items listed below, please contact and check the OCTRI rates.

No Charges

REDCap and a basic level of support for it is provided at no cost for:

  • Investigator initiated research studies for OHSU and OCTRI partners.
  • OHSU non-research projects for quality improvement or operational support.


Set Fees

  • Dynamic Data Pull (DDP) for demographics.
  • External users (non-OHSU).
  • File attachment storage when there is a high volume (60GB or more) of file attachments.
  • Twilio for sending survey invitations via text (optional module).

Hourly Charges

The charges are determined on a case by case basis per project and issue.

  • Help implementing consent.
  • Extensive and/or high impact production changes.
  • In-depth problem solving that exceeds basic level of support and/or basic functionality.
  • Retrieving deleted data or deleted functionality.
  • Code review or programming help for using the API (optional feature).
  • Special project features and external modules.
  • Training for non-critical functionality.

Project Design and Build service

This involves hiring the REDCap Team to work with your team to build or consult on building your REDCap project. The charges for this services are determined on per project basis.

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