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Build alerts and send customized email notifications to users and/or participants.

Feature Type

  • Advanced Application
  • Alerts & Notifications application is included in every project via Your Project > Lefthand Nav Menu > Applications Section > Alerts & Notifications.

User Permissions

User will need Project Design and Setup rights.

REDCap Skills

Advanced Syntax

For creating the condition(s) to trigger the alert. You might have experience with advanced syntax if you've built a data quality rule, a calculated field, an advanced form filter, advanced branching logic, an or Automated Survey Invitation.


To find variable names, form names and raw values used to construct the logic for the alert trigger or to include data in the notification message.


To include already collected data into the notification message.

Smart Variables

Can be included in the alert trigger syntax or as a source for piping values into a message.

For example, the Smart Variable [record-dag-name] corresponds to the unique group name of Data Access Group to which the current record belongs, and could be used in the alert trigger syntax to send a notification to a user based, in part, on the record's DAG assignment. The Smart Variable, [form-link:instrument:Custom Text], could be used to include an HTML web link in the notification, so the user could navigate to the specified data entry form for the current record/event/instance.

Set Up Notes

(plus) Components of Building an Alert

  • Define how the alert gets triggered.
  • Define when and how many times the notification message will be sent
  • Specify the recipient, sender and message content.
  • Notifications can be sent to more than one recipient.
  • The message can include rich text, piping values from field variables and Smart Variables, and uploading one or more file attachments.
  • All messages to participants should have IRB approval.

(tick) Testing an Alert

  • All Alerts & Notifications should be thoroughly vetted and tested before the project is moved to production.
  • To implement an Alert in a production project, the study personnel should request a copy of their project to first build and test the Alert before they activate the Alert in their production project.

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