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DDE is a module for entering data twice for each subject as a means of ensuring quality data collection by later comparing the records.

Feature Type

  • Advanced Setting 
  • Requires REDCap Admin to enable
  • Request by contacting

User Permissions

User Rights


Understand mechanics of data entry.

Experience assigning permissions to users

Set Up Notes

  • 2 roles created for data entry for DDE 1 and DDE 2.
  • Assign data entry user to one of DDE data entry roles
  • DDE 1 and DDE 2 users enter data independently, creating duplicate records, with identical record ids.
  • DDE 1 and DDE 2 users cannot access each other's data.
  • All other users designated as Reviewers.
  • Reviewers can see all data, compare and merge duplicate records into a third record.

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