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How to repeat collecting data on a form is critical functionality that all project builders should understand.

Key Indicators You Should be Using Longitudinal Setup or Repeating Forms/Events

  • You are creating copies of the same form, i.e. Visit 1, Visit 2, etc.
  • You are  creating subsets of the same group of fields on a form, such as medication 1, med dose 1, medication 2, med dose 2.
  • You need to send the same survey to participants more than once, such a daily diary, a pre-visit assessment, etc.
  • You are conducting a knowledge assessment pre and post a teaching intervention.

Longitudinal Setup

Enable longitudinal data collection setup when you can define beforehand the number of times you'll need to repeat collecting data on a form(s). 

Typical Use Cases

  • Clinical prospective research study with a set number of encounters.
    • A subset of the same forms completed at more than one of the encounters.
  • Survey projects where a participant needs to complete the same survey at discrete timepoints, such as daily, weekly, or monthly survey.
  • Teaching intervention with a pre and post knowledge assessment.

Repeating Forms/Events

Enable a form or an event to be repeating when you cannot define beforehand the number of times you'll need to repeat collecting data on a form or group of forms.

Typical Use Cases

  • Ongoing and/or reportable activities, such as concomitant medications, adverse events, participant contact.
  • Events, encounters, or data points that may re-occur at a different rate for each participant, such as hospitalizations, follow-up visits, unscheduled visits, pregnancies, children, etc.
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