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Migrate a record and its related data from one project (source) to another project (destination).

Example use case:  A study team expects to recruit and screen many more participants than they will enroll

  • The team create 2 REDCap projects - one for for storing all for all interested persons and one for storing data for all persons who screen and enroll as participants.
  • When a participant screens in, the participant's record and a subset of their data can be migrated from the screening project (the source) to the enrolled project (the destination)

Feature Type

External module


  • Discoverable by project builder, via Project > Lefthand Nav Menu > External Modules link > View available modules button > Auto DAGs > Request Activation button
  • REDCap Team approves requests and activates module.


  • Form building experience.
  • Familiar with Codebook or Data Dictionary.
  • Data entry experience.

Set Up Notes

  • The module is activated in the source project.
  • There can be multiple destination projects.
  • User Access

    • Permission to the module must be explicitly assigned by a REDCap Admin.
    • The user who configures the module must be also be assigned to both the source and the destination project.
  • Data Migration

    • To migrate data, a field in source project must match with a corresponding field in the destination project that has same variable name and is the same field type.
  • Best Practices

    • Only migrate from the source project the data that absolutely required to create the record in the destination project.
    • For data quality reasons, do not enable the setting to "Overwrite data in destination project record every time data is saved in this project."
    • For data quality reasons, make modifications to the migrated data in the destination project.
    • "Name for New Record" should be the variable name of the record id field in the destination project, enclosed in brackets [var_name_for_record_id]
    • Variable name in the source of field used to trigger record generation in the destination project should match the variable name of the record id field in the destination project.
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