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Every REDCap project is required to have an OHSU point person.* This is the personnel who completed requireed training and requested the project be created. The expectations for the point person are as follows:

  • Complete Basics training.
  • For projects sending out surveys, complete Survey training.
  • Build the project and/or manage the other team members building the project.
  • Review the final set up and design of the project before moving the project to production.
  • Disseminate REDCap operations and requirements, reviewed in training, with the rest of the project team.

  • Coordinate or carry out user management for the project.
  • Train the project team regarding data entry workflow and data entry activities for the project.
  • Manage change in production.
  • Arrange for a handoff of point person duties, in the event a new point person takes over.
  • Be available to attend drop-ins as needed for in-person help

*For approved OCTRI partner projects, such as Portland VA, the point person can be personnel from the partner organization who has completed training.

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